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I can greet some Interweb face tailing the latest trend

Scandal of the Week: some valued celebrity/online personality commits an action. This is different from any Tom, Dick or Harry doing the outright same, because. I suppose that a certain subscriber count or following somehow makes one beyond the oh-so-empathetic masses, while others watch your every move, waiting for a 'slip-up' any individual could make to pounce and allow their headlines to coalesce, our mortality but one possible afterthought

to claim yourself 'first', or state what video or creator led you there with no further comment on the video's actual contents, or enquire as to the presence of the 'notification squad', or to paste that you'd never clicked on a video so fast in the comments of every video you watch, or to unite over what year you watched the video in or what number your view was as if this offers any useful input to the content creator, or act snide whilst stating how you hadn't 'expected' a new video from them or smarm that you thought they were 'dead'--which I've seen many a person affix to a creator due to apparently having a greater grasp of their channel than said creator does themselves--or speak along the lines of how their day is saved and great now that the video has been posted--which, if possibly well meaning in their sense, still seems self-centred and irrelevant in my eyes--or to believe you speak on everyone's behalf and therefore offer a slight glimpse behind the sealion façade, a-bundlin' along on the bandwagons, or whatever like-grubbing and ever-present tripe from my stance, will be so fulfilling to the content creator...never give them critiques or support when you've got your exceedingly important three seconds of importance and pleasure protruding through the clouds of vitriol oh-so-ready to strike out against the tiniest dissent to what you're undertaking

I have an inkling that the individuals who so gleefully proclaim their 'cringe', often with sole use of the word in so much thought and effort for a video they'll likely have forgotten about in seconds, or alternatively declare themselves the sole and singular judges of whenever a trend becomes 'dead' or 'stale' or 'cancer', might just be those who sung the subject's praises merely a year or two back when the 'iron was hot' or the 'memes were fresh/dank', or a month, a fortnight, a week, three days, or planning judgement and take-down within a femtosecond, caking insults onto pursuits they dislike under the guise of 'constructive criticism', or deciding to police how other users type and whinge about the prevalence of, say, 'XD' or '0w0' or 'lol' or talk liek dish, because you may have been like that once and that evidently gives you lease and leave to zero in on that one aspect of a fellow mortal's typing style and play that off to try and demean them as an individual, as the Internet was so clear-cut constructed for you alone, behind your screen, and everyone else simply must be prepubescents who must be 'matured'

my likes of 'dark' or 'gothic' subjects--a culture which I do not even self-identify as--my constant sexual outlook and my fetishistic interests make me already hold the thought of some others rushing to put words in my mouth due to evidently knowing me better from pixels on a screen than I have done for decades in the flesh: arousal is my corollary response at most or all times and there's the rub for you, where acknowledgement on my tract will make me horny and slinging your 'home brand' of insults--they lied through their teeth--will make me horny

proclaim your uninspired and ineffectual 'sin' or 'trash' or 'garbage' or 'hell', or turn your stern head from denouncing amongst-oneself shipping and pairing that you claim will insult folks to riddle many a twice-your-age YouTuber's--or those very same folks'--comment section with 'fist me daddy' or act all serpentine over undermining education in the vein of 'my homework can wait' or 'never needed that thesis anyway', setting yourself out to challenge the 'norm' existing differently for everyone; for the former verbal menagerie I have my doubts as to whether you're even religious, as if that's not the case then your chest-thrusting of the words seems rather like you're fishing for compliments, and not quite so far from those 'edgy' 'others' as you claim to be, watch of the horseshoe effect in motion?

any behind-the-screen battalion spinning out some tirade of the second into an issue beyond their actual care, howling for the blood of the 'convicted' from the rafters seat of comfort prior to leaving the conversation satisfied that what they brand as 'justice' has been dealt, latching and leeching from an easy psychological projection point--point hale and hearty fingers at the safari-goers shocked by visceral nature and deny your like-attitude--tell others you'll probably have forgotten about in seconds to kill themselves, or speak volumes about procuring and drinking bleach and yet the world can roll on past you, how unexpected, those supposed promised long walks off short piers never evanescing past claims and words, the 'leaving and never coming back' trope returning in a new form unimpeded by claims of not adhering to these attention schemes any longer, the Internet being 'RUINED FOREVER' for the nth time as decreed over the rallying cry of the Armchair Armada, the whine of the Sofa Squad, the complaint of the Cushion Corps, all in arms with the Behind-the-Screen Battalion, so immediate in their experience of the second

the 'shame' of nudity--despite no such outcry over the animals, which I perceived as quite well off unencumbered by the Homo sapiens ubiquitous distancing shindig, thank you very much--I suppose for coddling the infants, and all the trials and tribulations of the sexes' societal locations...all I see are flesh tubes

I'll aim for an even spread to accommodate many sexualities in my series without giving undue attention to any particular inclination, love and let love, ship and let ship, canon and fanon can lock separate lips, surely I can't be deigned as 'homophobic' or feel obliged to stop supporting a ship I've always enjoyed due to differences in canon and fanon, or in stating my dislike for the description of whatever online tidbit one is spending a few seconds of time viewing as 'gay', 'oh my god this is so gay', 'this is the gayest shit and I love this', like the word 'gay' is somehow ubiquitous in this field, I'm wondering what makes homosexuality somehow a more valued sexuality as if you can chop and change with words, no matter how stereotypically or otherwise by whatever definition the terms can take this week: if I described how 'heterosexual' two individuals are who so much as looked at each other or how 'asexual' someone is acting on business that is evidently mine to deign, I don't think that will be perceived quite as savoury in comparison...I support not forcing a pairing due to the configuration or eversion of their twixt-leg tubing, I prefer even recognition of a whole range of sexualities yet I have a thought bubble of a day where an eye is being cast over my series and only the non-heterosexual relationships are even focused on, as straight couples are sometimes just portrayed as parasitical pelicans, got to de-sting the W.A.S.P, how about LOVE AND LET LOVE, I DO SHIP AND LET SHIP, BUT THIS IS A THOUGHT MY MIND'S BEEN CONCOCTING, but the initiator shoulders the blame, don't they, is some desired 'reversal' of the cards trying to be played I ask myself

I don't believe in 'purity', or 'nature', or 'morality', or 'normality', or 'sanity', or 'fact', or 'truth', or 'justice', aren't I a SPECIAL and UNIQUE boy

I don't want to lord myself over anyone

the idea of being supreme blows me and makes me think I'm a hypocrite--empirically verifiable before, not stopping now?

I appreciate genuinely: my preferences are never done in ironic fashion, due to liking whatever for claims of 'ironic' reasoning being an idea I despise

off goes the snowflake thinking of how smart and guided they are, dancing in doggerel, simultaneously condemning and pitying all the 'poor souls' who I likely think are following those exact thoughts

a large amount of one species taking any opportunity to think they're special, transmuting this in their purpose-thirsty ways, jocular as ever about undermining relations between animals and commenting for tough-one brownie points about how the tiger lying down with the calf would never last, how the cat's 'saving their dinner' or whatnot, and yet bitching about the cruelty of nature when seeing a predator killing their catch or a herd's patriarch committed to some step-child infanticide

perhaps I could not weigh a thought as an opinion and state that you're not special, we're all mortal, death will come to everyone yet is deserved by no-one, yes, no?

possessing no political stance or understanding of political stance--regardless of any unknown terming to me--can be viewed as 'cowardice' or 'betrayal' or 'backstabbing', while I plumb care not a fig

the infants wanting to be noticed by rebelling against that horrible societal standard as they sling insults and insert themselves into all adult manners from behind their computer screens, desperate for attention: and the moment they're faced with critical and (in my opinion) rightfully annoyed adults, they back right off in tears to seek their parent's biased comfort

consanguinity is not an excuse for behaviour, from where I'm standing

I despise the angst-ridden love triangle tropes, can you go the threesome or polyamorous or neither route instead of your banal excuse for 'oh, will they or won't they, who will they CHOOSE,' fucking folderol is all I'll say, does not tickle my fancy

aren't behind-the-back talks, dislike-and-runs and argumental dismissals on the grounds of 'you're just a fanboy' or 'you just don't understand' simply the pinnacle of honesty and valour?

do phenomena hold less relevance and somehow exist open to ridicule unless or until you've viewed them occurring personally?

maybe I'll cite a philosopher to give the impression that I hold more weight

I could inspire people for, what, a few days...a week at most before this is just another fleeting thought track among many

I'm quite pessimistic: this is how my thoughts often go and may have been going for as long as my 'mature' mind knows

wouldn't trade this mind with all respective thoughts for anyone, anytime, anywhere, anywhen

I am here in this world for myself, at the core, and no-one else

when in motion, world is frozen, talks in circles and Greek

cet animal est très méchant: quand on l'attaque, il se défend
  • Reading: the text on my screen and in my thoughts
  • Watching: and making synergy with said text